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ABM Boarding School for Boys vs. Military Boarding Programs

The military offers young people the opportunity to learn the value of teamwork, respect for those in authority, and a desire to handle ones-self at a level above that of what is considered to be normal. They achieve this through strong physical and mental training of the recruit and making him or her earn the right to be called a seamen, airmen, army, or marine (whatever branch they are in) not just to be given the title. This ritual of earning the right instills a sense of accomplishment that cannot be taken away. At ABM Boarding School for Boys we are very structured, of the many students who have gone on to serve in the military most of them found very little difficulty in the area of basic training. They found that because of the training they received from ABM that they were physically in shape and mentally up to the task of listening to and follow instructions.

Respect came easy, and staying focused on the goal was commonplace. The rigors of personal hygiene, and attention to appearance, and a tidy personal area were already a habit that made life in basic just another day. When one compares the price of our boarding program to that of a military boarding school they will find a more affordable, and more family oriented option. Everything we do at ABM can be duplicated within your home. I cannot imagine a mom telling her son to drop and give her 50! I can picture a mom or dad asking the question what is the risk/reward for the choice you are about to make. I can picture the understanding of boundaries, and the holding accountable their son. Every parent wants for his or her son or daughter to be responsible and productive. This can be achieved through the allocation of responsibility. (Reward) Yelling never instilled passion! Helping young people achieve greatness starts with the development of correct passions. If a young person has the passion for drugs, or alcohol then that will be his pursuit. If entitlement or victimization is their prospective, then they cannot over come their problem, because it is not their fault. It is through the development of strong character traits that one rises above his or her environment to become great.
If terms like Struggling, Troubled, ADD, ADHD, RAD, ODD, learning impaired, are words that others use to describe your youth give as a call and see how we can turn that into Kind, selfless, honorable, trust worthy, and disciplined.

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