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ABM Ministries Program Rules

  1. Wake up and be on time for breakfast
  2. Attend school each day as scheduled, and complete daily goals
  3. Participate in all chores and activities each day
  4. No cigarettes, chewing tobacco, alcohol, or drugs
  5. No swearing or disrespectful words
  6. No sexual contact will be allowed in any form
  7. No physical violence, i.e., hitting, kicking, pushing, throwing object, destroying property, etc....
  8. Attend all church services
  9. Students may not leave ABM property, unless accompanied by a staff member
  10. Quiet time is from 10:00p.m. Until 8:00a.m.

*Note: These are basic house rules; on a broader level there may be additional ones that will apply specifically to individual students and situations.

Download the ABM Ministries Rules below:
ABM Ministries Program Rules as a PDF

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