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Many of the struggling teens we work with have been adopted and are suffering with many issues from Troubled, ADD, ADHD, RAD, ODD, learning impaired, stealing, hoarding, etc. teens of adoption make up about 80% of our school population. These struggling teens are dealing with attachment issues along with trust and social skill sets. Most of them are highly intelligent, but lack maturity the area of critical thinking skills, and risk/reward assessment. We can help build strong esteem, sense of purpose and Goals. This allows them to overcome labels and adverse challenges that at one time or another we all will face. The one thing in life we all have 100% freedom over is choice. I believe this is a God given right that no one can take away from another. It is with this stewardship of choice that we head towards, or run away from success. As we become better at making healthy choices we gain the trust and respect of others allowing them to entrust us with even more responsibilities giving us even great freedom.

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