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At Risk Youth

What puts teens at risk for behavioral issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, or poor peer selection? Maybe they struggle with ADD, ADHD, RAD, ODD, or have learning difficulties. Frank Sinatra use to sing I song "I did it my way" in this song he speaks of how he did not bend or sway to the will of others, but rather forged his own path through life. As parents we want our youth to progress from total dependence to independence, but the rate at which this transformation happens is solely based on their ability to assume responsibility, and to develop critical thinking skills. Far to often our youth feel they are, and should be independent, yet they demonstrate through their actions that they lack the maturity to make proper risk/reward assessments with the choices they make. Emotional impulsiveness prevails over reason and common sense. This puts them at risk that far out weigh the rewards they are going after.

As parents we hope that the light turns on before they do harm to themselves or their future. We lay awake at night wandering if the phone is going to ring with news of some event that they should not have been involved with. While it is not realistic to expect only right choices from our teens, after all they are still learning, as are we, it is realistic to help teach them how to look at risk/reward in every choice. Teach them how maturity is demonstrated through allowing reason to saddle ones emotional impulsiveness when the risk is to high for the reward. This is a skill set that our staff at" ABM "work towards everyday. Helping struggling teens address the root problems that are holding them back. Teaching them to advance their own critical thinking and risk/reward awareness, followed by a new burst of passion that helps them to stay focused on the goal of success.

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