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Latest News from ABM

Student Haircuts Nicolette Oakley came to give haircut for the students last week. All the students were so thankful for her to spend her day off with us.
Thanks Again!
Student Haircuts

ABM Jr. Varsity Basketball
ABM Jr. Varsity Basketball season is over!
The students/players made a lot of improvements this year.
The coaches were impressed with the sportsmanship! Great Job everybody!

2016 Jr. Varsity Basketball Playoff
ABM Jr. Varsity Basketball
Spurs, 1st place with 4 wins
  ABM Jr. Varsity Basketball
Celtic, 2nd place with 3 wins
ABM Jr. Varsity Basketball
Okc, 3rd place with 2 wins
  ABM Jr. Varsity Basketball
Heat, 4th place with 1 win and 3 losses

Sam Crocheting
In all my years at ABM I've never seen this.

When I first saw Sam crocheting I didn't know what to expect, I mean how many boys do this! When I asked Sam where he learned this, he said his mother taught him over ten years ago. It doesn't matter if he is making a pair of gloves or a doily the color choices and patterns are amazing. I look forward to seeing what he will make next.

Today was a memorable day for ABM students, all of us took a road trip to Clearwater Family Youth Center in Piedmont, MO for our first basketball practice. We learned to work together as a team and practice the basic fundamentals. Our coach had shown us ways to communicate and set screens to create spacing so we would have a higher percentage shot. Can't wait till our next practice!

We have a Job at ABM!
Our job starts every morning, afternoon and evenings. We are responsible for maintaining all six wood burning stoves. These stoves provides hot water for all student and staff housing and they heat to the whole center during winter months that's 25,000 sq ft. The wood is delivered by a dump truck which gets it from a nearby sawmill. All the wood we use is what's left over after they cut the wood down to sized. Usually they are four by twelve block which make it easy to handle.

After the stoves in the afternoon we also get to take care of the animals. We have five horses, about twenty goats and lambs. Each one of them must get some hay and feed. We also care for the barn cat and Queen a big white dog, her job is to protect the animals from any predators.

I'm learning that everything you own takes time, money and lot of hard work! And you can get a lot of work done faster when you work together as a team.
Bogdan, Michael, DeAngelo

A Great Day at ABM
ABM Staff took us the other day to see a movie, it was a pretty good bus ride to the movie theatre. We went to see the movie "Star Wars". The movie was great and we also got popcorn. After the movie we went to Taco Bell and got a order to go it was delicious. When we got back another surprise, a Root Beer Float!
Everybody had a great day!

Favorite things to do at ABM Ministries

I am not ADD or ADHD, I am going to PCC
TomOver Thanksgiving break, one of my teachers, Mrs. Walenda and her family, Bruce and Andy had taken me down to Pensacola Christian College for their annual College Days event. College Days is an event that PCC does every year to let high schoolers experience college without actually being enrolled in college. The Walendas were kind enough to bring me with because they were taking their son Andy down. It was about a ten hour drive to Pensacola Florida from ABM. The college was great. I tried new things that I had never done. For example, I went rock climbing and ice skating. I went to a history class and a chemistry class, which is funny because those two are not my strong subjects. We stayed with the college students in their dormitory and that was an adventure in it self. The trip had really give me a glimpse of what life would be like at college.

Before I went on this trip, I kept thinking to myself, "This college looks nice and all, but maybe their just making all of this up so I will go there." I was dead wrong. PCC is exactly like what the brochure made it seem like. Maybe even a little bit better. I plan on attending PCC in the spring semester. I would like to major in either missions or in accounting.

This trip was really an eye opener for me. I am very excited about graduating from high school in two weeks and going to PCC in the spring semester. None of this would have been possible if it was not for the staff here at ABM and the Walenda family. For everything they have done for me, I am thankful.

Parent buys tickets!
All the students and staff took a bus trip to St. Louis to watch the Cardinals baseball team play Milwaukee Brewers last month. Everyone had a great time. The highlight of the game was witnessing two consecutive home runs by the Cardinals. We watched all nine innings and cheered for our home team as they beat the Brewers.
Thank you Mr. Jaggi !
Cardinals Baseball

Fall Holiday Fun!
Students had a blast for this fall holiday. Check out the activities including: face painting, pumpkin drawing, and candy corn count contests. Favorite movie of the weekend was "Monster House." And of course this holiday isn't complete without a "treat"...cupcakes!

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