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book1 The Self-Confrontation Manual
The 105 biblical principles contained in the Self-Confrontation manual, based solely on the promises and authority of God in the Old and New Testaments, provide guidance for living a victorious life. Each lesson is designed, first, to explain the meaning of specific biblical principles, and then to incorporate them into your life through practical homework assignments. The Self-Confrontation manual includes biblical teaching on areas such as preoccupation with self, anger, bitterness, relationships, depression, fear, worry, and more. This manual is designed to be a continuing reference for facing, dealing with, and enduring all problems of life.

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book2 Self-Confrontation Bible Study Student Workbook
The Self-Confrontation Bible Study provides a wayto learn the biblical principles for dealing with the difficulties of life through either your own personal study, in a one-on-one discipleship format, or in a small group setting. The lessons have blank portions to complete, based on passages from the Bible. This is part of what you might call your written homework. But the most important part of the homework is your “doing the Word,” applying the principles to your own life. That is where meaningful, lasting change will come. The Workbook can be used in several ways:

  • In personal devotions and Bible study. You can work through the Biblical principles and life-application at your own pace.
  • In one-on-one discipleship. You can study and apply the principles together with another person, using the one-lesson-per-week format of the Workbook or at your own pace.
  • In a small group Bible study. The homework would be completed by each student before the weekly meeting. Typically, you would be spending about 20-30 minutes daily in study of the Word and answering the questions. Then, the group would meet to cover the key teaching points and review the questions and answers. A Leader’s Guide is available to assist in leading a small group through the study.

The Self-Confrontation Bible Study is a great way for you to spend daily time in God’s Word, with the emphasis on your own walk with the Lord and your relationships with others. These principles are timeless and cultureless; and they will change your life, when applied with God’s enabling power.

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