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Student Reviews

YuriHi, my name is Yuri and before I came to ABM I was a what you would call a diamond in the rough. I was always questioning what my parents told me and when they did tell me to do something I would always backtalk and cock an attitude. People that would have seen me then would have given up on me, but my parents held on knowing that they were not out of options. I came to ABM when I was 14 with the thought that I would be here for 6 months and go home and get back into my into my regular habits that I had formed. It was not that simple, my first day I had to learn how to clean sinks and toilets. I will admit that I was rebellious when I came here,I would not always have the right attitude. After my first experience, I had the opportunity to go home and start fresh, but like all 15 year old teenagers,habits start to appear. I began to backtalk and act like I ran the house and it eventually led to a confrontation and explanation of my former actions. Looking for a fight, I decided to play dumb and anger my parents to the point that I got physical with my dad. After the incident, my parents decided to send me back to ABM knowing that I did improve when I was there last time. I was not happy to go back,but looking back on that decision that they made, I am happy that they did because I am now closer than ever to graduating. I would like to tell you that when I when home and started school, I completed my schoolwork,but I only did it to get by and stay home because my actions were starting to show my inner self and the fact that I did not have any changes that I told my family that I had made. When I had left ABM, I had a 3.3 GPA and during my public school hours, I had learned when I came back that my GPA had dropped down to a 2.7. Since I have been back I have brought it back up to a 3.3 and hopefully put the knowledge that I have learned to good use. I plan to join the military and become either an airborne infantry or cavalry scout and if I can't get either of those two jobs, I will try for combat engineer. One of the largest supporters that have helped me and never left my side are my parents. If it was not for my parents I would probably be in jail or dead, even when I was arguing the wouldn't just tell me"Go ahead and do what you want"because they knew that with the right push, I could accomplish and become something better.

Two things that help me here at ABM
The weight room is one of the activities that helps you focus. The changes that I have made are in part because by time I have spent in there. It has taught me to strive for higher goals.
I also was given the opportunity to work in the kitchen and make a meal for all the students. One of the meals that I was learning to make was Impenadas a dish that requires patience and skill.

testimonialsFifteen months ago, I would have never thought that I would be joining the military. Of course, people would have laughed at me. They would say things like, “you are a screw-up”, “who wants someone like you?”, “you even dropped out of school.” I’ve been to a few different programs for troubled teens, but there has always been something missing. They’ve all lacked the necessity of applying God’s grace to my struggles. I never thought I would amount to anything in my life. I always fell short of the mark. I have always struggled with addictions and pains that were too much for me to handle. I had lost all hope of a better life. ABM’s approach was different. They understood that God was the only answer and that only through Him could I truly be free. Here is where my relationship with Jesus Christ began.

The world tries to take that which is good and turn it evil, and as a new Christian, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to strive to grow spiritually while surrounded by all the world’s influence. But here at ABM ministries, growing up is just made easy. There are no distractions, just a straight-line path to success. I’ve grown stronger in the power of Christ everyday that I’ve been here and I learned to listen for the voice of God. I can still remember when the Lord told me that he wanted me to join the Air Force. I kept it to myself for as long as I could, while I tried to come up with a reason why the military wouldn’t be right for me. Then one day Mr. Reed took me on a ride and discussed my future. When he started listing reasons why the Air Force would be the best transition from ABM, I was amazed. How could he have known what the Lord’s Will was for my life? I was in awe of what a powerful God I serve.

JonathanBy the end of the month, three other people, including my mother had mentioned the Air Force to me. I was convinced, and I quickly grew a passion for the thought of being an Airman. I will never forget how hard I prayed for my success on the ASVAB test. I’ve never scored well on tests, always been slow. However, after I scored a 91% on the test and graduated valedictorian with honors, the Air Force quickly took notice. I begin boot camp the week after Christmas.
By: Jonathan R.

DustinFor me it all started on August 2, 2004. That was my first day at ABM as a student. Like all students before me I did not want to be there. I wanted to be back home with my friends and what was important to me at the time. Little did I know that the time I spent at ABM would be for the best.

ABM has turned me into the responsible adult I am today. Before ABM I hated most of my family especially my mother, I despised the ground she walked on. I was heading down a road in which not even I knew where it was heading. Drugs, alcohol, bad relationships, hanging around the wrong people, poor attitude in school… my life was a wreck. Of course, like any other teenager, I was in control. Right? NO! ABM was my reality check. I was put in a loving, family oriented, Christian environment where balance was key. I started with a clean slate and they listened to me and showed me how I could have handled things better in my life. They taught me how to be a successful individual. I was told that I had a choice in my schooling 1. Try to get my GED or 2. Attempt to finish High School. I was even told I could go home to finish school if I wanted. I was now faced with a choice, leave ABM or stay? I chose to stay and finish my schooling. Turns out it was a good choice. I became Salutatorian of my class and even received a trophy for being most popular. Besides graduating High School, ABM made another change in my life. I now have a relationship with my parents, even my mom. We now talk for hours and enjoy spending time with each other. ABM turned my outlook on life around. I wanted to do good and make something of myself.

For the staff and students of ABM,
I came to ABM November 22nd thinking this was the worst place In The whole entire world I hated everybody and I was never wrong. I was a runaway and a liar and did just about anything to make things hard for everybody. I would like to tell the students of ABM that the staff are not here to make you not succeed but to help you have the most productive life possible. All the things you think are pointless are not the written offs going to the corner things could always be worse. They give you trials there because trials are what help you change I will never forget my time there and all I learned. You can't dwell in the self pity and hate for everyone else you actually have a huge opportunity to improve and be better than a lot of people. I would like to thank all the staff there and teachers for believing in me when I didn't and handling me when I was a butt. For all the effort they didn't have to put into me but they did. The staff at ABM are here to help you no matter what, the thing is that you have to want to change. For what's happened to me I came home made it to state in track I'll be finishing school a year early I work on my music and have preformed many times and am working on a album and may go to college for music. God is always with you just know it I was also baptized in the spring of my return home (if you look online corban hoey go to vimeo you can watch my testimony)
Thank you everyone at ABM

HunterWhen I was at home, I was known as a problem child. At 14, I was getting into habits that I shouldn't have been developing. I was termed as rebellious, and as such, I barely had respect for my parents, if any at all. I would never be home on time after school, never did my schoolwork, and was heavily neglecting my opportunity of an education. Along with that, I was choosing my friends quite foolishly, and as a result, I was choosing poor role models as well.
Before it got to bad, my parents decided that I should attend a Christian boarding school to reform my behavior. I didn't believe them, and they even gave me 30 days to change my behavior. When the allotted time had passed, I hadn't made any changes, and they enrolled me at ABM. The first few months, I had a hard time adjusting. It was quite a culture shock for me. I wasn't really ready for this new change in environment. As a result, I continued to be rebellious, foolishly assuming that if I misbehaved enough I would get kicked out and my parents would bring me back home. Six months passed, and then another three, and finally something clicked in my mind. I had to do something about my behavior. It took me another six months, untiI was finally able to put the things the ABM staff was teaching me into practice.
As I was putting these principles into practice, I realized I had finished more school here than I would have done at home. So I put it in high gear, and I now have less than one year of high school left, whereas at home, I probably would have only been a sophomore. Over the years, I have been able to learn respect for authority, and it has become second nature for me. Another thing that has greatly affected me is that I am learning to pick better friends. I am not finished yet, but my decision making skills are many times better than they used to be. I have, as a result, been able to pick better role models.
The greatest change of all was my faith in God. My faith in God would have been nonexistent if not for the chance to be here. I probably would have been in some prison or somewhere even worse. He has a plan for me, and I have vowed to stick to His plan until the moment it is finished.
With these opportunities that ABM has provided, I have decided that it would be best for me to attend the Air Force academy and then become an enlisted officer. If I had not been here, I would have never had the idea of being in the military, much less even having a job. Being enrolled here has also endowed me with knowledge of business skills so that no matter where I am in the future, I will more than likely be very successful.
With all this being brought to mind, I can confidently say this journey has helped me to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually in the most positive way possible.

ABM Ministries boarding school is better for me school wise than any other school. Its because I can work at my own pace. This allows me to do my school work at my pace, which is faster. This provide me with the advantage of being able to graduate early and get a head start on college. Hunter

It started when I was just a kid. I talked back to my parents, snuck out of the house, took money without asking... but this is all stuff normal kids do anyway, right? But I was different, I had accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. Yet I still did everything an unsaved person would do. It got really bad in my middle school years when my mom home schooled me. We would argue all the time, and when my dad got home, the arguments would nearly come to blows if they didn't. Finally my mom decided to let me go to the public school for ninth grade.

While the domestic disputes toned down, I struggled with making the right friends and claiming to be a "Christian" in an environment where Christianity is laughed at. Then, the day before my finals began, my world was rocked. My uncle, who had gone in for minor surgery to have a hernia removed, died at the hands of a surgeon who has had many similar outcomes. My uncle was like a father to me. He and his wife never had any children, so they took to spoiling me. I had already lost both of my grandfathers, and this got me thinking about life, death, and how I wanted to live the rest of my time here. That summer was one of the hardest times of my life.

During my sophomore year, I set out to make new friends to have fun with. I fell in with the wrong crowd. I started skipping school, doing drugs, and sleeping nights out on the street because I didn't want to deal with my parents. At the end of June, 2008, my parents decided to take me on a trip to see my sister who had just gotten married. The night we arrived, I awoke with a start. Two men were telling me to get dressed and take my bags. I soon figured out where I was going. I took the transition surprisingly well. I figured there was nothing I could do to change my situation, and I decided to try God again. Around Christmas time, I trusted God with my whole life again. I decided to let Him take me where He wanted and do with me as He wills.

The next eight months came as some of the best and worst times of my stay at ABM. God had given me another chance, and ABM had provided the direction back to God. ABM gave me the instruction and isolation that I needed to stick with God. I say the "best times," because I was privileged to spend much of my time on white chip helping the staff; but the "worst times," because I always found guilt whenever I did something wrong. I felt the Holy Spirit working in me and teaching me to walk in the right path. ABM had pointed me in the right direction, and God took over the rest. I am now finishing my high school and discovering what God has in store for my life. Through the instruction of the staff, I discovered every Christian's calling to full-time ministry, and I plan on attending Moody Bible Institute to become an urban missionary.

Dear Mr. Larry,
During my time at ABM I pondered on what you said I multiple times. Most of the time I didn't put it in to practice and that's why I stayed at ABM so long but there was this one sermon that you gave the middle and the downstairs a lecture on the difference between ignorance and stupidity. You told us that they are two words with completely different meanings so I raised my hand and I asked you how, because my thought on that is that they have the same meanings. So you explained that the meaning of stupidity in is lacking the knowledge used in a certain subject, and the meaning of the word ignorance is lacking knowledge and choosing not to use the knowledge that you have gained, for the better of the people around you and yourself, or to fix something that you messed up. The two definitions have the same meaning in the beginning but it changes once you dig deeper and you took us into a whole different world by telling us how the two will affect us in society are our daily lives. This sermon had a big impact on life by helping to fix my problems like when I got dismissed form ACS. Then I knew that I had to change some of my harmful habits which were arguing, swearing, and shouting out in class. So I have worked on these problems and the school day is going a little smoother because I don't have to worry about if I'm going to get in trouble . So I give you the credit for all that you have gone through to gain the knowledge and to help me shape up my life and for that I thank you.
Happy Thanksgiving
Caden H

HunterHi, my name is Tom. ABM has helped me in so many ways that I cannot even count. Before I came to ABM, my parents could not reach me in any aspect, teachers couldn't teach me anything because I didn't want to learn or listen, and I was doing what I wanted to do. Life was not going as God had planned for me. I didn't realize that people actually cared about me. My family was sick and tired of watching me throw my life away and they were going to do something about it. So they enrolled me into ABM Ministries. When I showed up at ABM I was disrespectful, unmotivated, and unhappy with everything that was going on in my life. My first few months were rough, but that wasn't anyone's fault but mine. Mr. Reed and Mr. Larry worked with me for countless hours in their office trying to get me to think for myself. I did not want any help. All I wanted was to go back to my old ways.
After a few months of being at ABM, my eyes were opened. I finally realized that just ignoring everybody, not doing my schoolwork, and not making any plans for myself was not going to get me anywhere, let alone home. It took me awhile, but I eventually got caught up in school (I was almost two years behind), started making plans for my future, and made things right with God and my family. While doing this, I learned many valuable skills that I would never have learned at home. For example, I learned to take care of horses, goats, sheep, and chickens. I also learned some carpentry, driving and maintaining zero-turn lawnmowers, and how to work as a team to get the job done right the first time with the proper attitude. I couldn't have of done this without the support and time the staff here at ABM has taken to help me.
Now, after about two years, I am three weeks away from graduating high school, on the honor roll, and in the process of enrolling in college. It has been rough, and I've wanted to quit many times, but I've held on for the ride. Mr. Reed and Pastor Larry will not let me quit and throw away all of the work I have done. They care about me and want to see me succeed. Life would be very different if God had not put these two men in my life. I would not be this far along in life if it wasn't for ABM.
None of this would have been possible if it weren't for my parents and grandparents that stepped up to help me, for God providing this opportunity for me to better my life, and for all the staff here at ABM, who through the good and the bad, always did everything in their power to help me straighten out my life.

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