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ABM Boarding School for Boys Success Rate

Every parent who struggles with a Troubled, ADD, ADHD, RAD, ODD, and learning impaired teen wants to know and often asks what is the rate of success with ABM Ministries Boarding School. With over 15 years of ministry and a couple of 1000 former students we can say that only a dozen or so have continued to demonstrate poor choices in the areas of family, friends, drugs, and alcohol. While any program would love to say they are 100% successful, over the long term they just cannot make that claim. While every parent and ABM would love to have the perfect teen it is not reasonable to expect from someone to preform at a level that we ourselves cannot. It is reasonable to expect that when one makes mistakes that they take ownership, and try to make right that wrong. Success in life requires many resources. The development of critical thinking skills, coupled with an understanding of risk/reward. They need a strong mentor that will hold them accountable for the choices they make. (This should be Family, coaches, pastors, and teachers, not peers who struggle with the same issues' as they do) They have to make choices that align with their personal and profession goals. These goals become their passion and passion is their guide to success. At ABM we believe that every teen has the potential to excel in what ever they choose to do as long as they maintain strong ethical, and moral character. Any obstacle can be overcome through hard work, and a willingness to be open to the help of others. Many teens arrive at ABM with a sense of frustration and hopelessness (The same is true of their parents) because they have come to a place in life that is not where they want to be. The teen has stressed relationships, fallen behind in school, and damaged the ability of others to trust them. The parent questions were they went wrong. We help both to repair those issues and to overcome the paradigm's that led them there. We cannot fix the issues, but we can give the tools and support needed to get back on track. Our goal is to help the family restore healthy lasting relationships through the development of strong character, respect, accountability, and support for each other.

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