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Affordable Boarding Schools for Boys

While affordability is a relative term, nationally ABM Boarding School for Boys ranks far below the national average of $3,500.00 to $4,500.00 a month in tuition fees. Our commitment to maintain the lowest possible cost as a non-profit is reflected in our $1,500.00 monthly tuition fee. This makes us a more affordable choice when considering Boarding school options.

While our cost remains low our quality of help is high. Our focus is on a balanced approach in the areas of Academics, Physical, and Emotional teaching and mentoring. Our facilities reflect an atmosphere of home like qualities. Our consistent and structured environment helps our teens develop the skill sets they need to be successful in their pursuit of excellence

ABM Boarding School Monthly Tuition $1,500

We understand that when your child struggles the whole family is affected in many ways.

One of those might be paying for tuitions.

A few years ago we made a commitment to reduce tuition to be affordable as possible.

We were able to Lower the tuition over 50%

That's a  Monthly Saving of $2,000!

ABM Boarding School One Time Enrollment Fee $1,500

To cover the cost of what needed for the student to enroll. (Here are some examples)

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