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What sets ABM Boarding School apart from other Christian, therapeutic, military, wilderness, and behavioral boarding schools that work with youth ages 9-17 years of age? Today's focus seems to be driven by words such as Struggling, Troubled, ADD, ADHD, RAD, ODD, learning impaired. While many of these words describe the struggles of many teens and adults today, there are varying views on how to best address these issues. We have found that through the teaching and mentoring of strong character traits; these young boys who may or may not have been labeled can set both short and long-term goals for themselves that allow them to develop a plan that nurtures healthy life changing habits. These habits include picking positive role models, being held accountable for their choices, teamwork, and a strong work ethic both in academics, and outside the classroom in various work environments. They learn the meaning of selflessness towards family and community. They learn the importance of treating others the way they desire to be treated.

Many believe that environment is the answer. Others believe money or education is the answer. We believe that while all of the before mentioned can greatly accelerate the development of these young men ultimately it is what is on the inside that will determine the measure of the man. We can build strong esteem, and sense of purpose when we have vision and direction in our lives. This allows us to over come labels and adverse challenges that at one time or another we all will face. The one thing in life we all have 100% freedom over is choice. I believe this is a God given right that no one can take away from another. It is with this stewardship of choice that we head towards, or run away from success. As we become better at making healthy choices we gain the trust and respect of others allowing them to entrust us with even more responsibilities giving us even great freedom.

While there are many vises in the form of alcohol, drugs, pornography, and the many others we could list are most certainly confronting our young people today, there are methods to keep them sheltered from these until they develop the self discipline and passion to steer clear of them on their own.

The whole process begins with the development of critical thinking skills. This process starts with the ability to determine risk/reward factors that go with every choice that has ever been made. Most young people and some adults struggle with understanding risk/reward because they approach the process from the emotional spectrum rather than from reason and fact. By this I mean they do something based on how they feel rather than if it is best for them or not. Through risk assessment the young men can ask for themselves are the possible long and short-term risks worth the short and long-term rewards of any given choice. Through personal character development they can mature to more readily and wisely make these assessments.

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